Ashish Chawla, MD

Dr. Ashish Chawla frequently sacrifices his time to consult patients whose worlds have been turned upside down because of a cancer diagnosis. His genuine and empathetic approach gives patients the confidence and reassurance needed to face dreaded illnesses, while his brilliance and compassion inspire patients and their families to make a difference in the lives … Continued

Craig Cheifetz, MD, FACP

Dr. Craig Cheifetz’s perspective of healthcare’s future has sparked a philanthropic interest among his patients for the creation of cutting-edge programs and research that will benefit the health and longevity of our community. An early adopter of new medical technologies, Dr. Cheifetz raises funds to keep today’s and future healthcare professionals current with the latest … Continued

James Thompson, MD

Dr. James Thompson began the StarKid 5K and Family Fun Run in 2006 raising $5,000 to support the Pediatric Heart Program at Inova Children’s Hospital. Eleven years later and more than $1 million in cumulative funds raised, Dr. Thompson’s attention to detail is helping save the lives of hundreds of children with heart disorders annually … Continued

Inova Kellar School

Inova Kellar School is a sanctuary for children with mental health illnesses and their families. The school’s dedicated staff wipes away the stigma associated with behavioral disorders and immerses the children in a safe, nurturing learning environment that helps students transform and lead happy and productive lives. That is why graduates and their families have … Continued