Women in Need Fund in Memory of Caryl Byrnes

Caryl Byrnes was determined to win her fight against cancer. In the end, her cancer didn’t play fair, which can often be the case. Caryl, however, refused defeat without a fight. She would claim victory and her triumph would benefit hundreds of women. In partnership with her oncologist Dr. Ruchi Garg, and Gynecology Oncology Patient Navigator … Continued

Holly Senn

“Miss Holly” provides psychosocial support to children and their families who receive the devastating news of a cancer diagnosis, or who are undergoing ongoing cancer treatment. Families remember how Holly made their hospital stays less scary – and even fun! Holly’s colleagues frequently hear comments from families about how wonderful Holly is, and how they … Continued

Alfred N. Khoury, MD

Dr. Al Khoury has cared for thousands of women with high-risk pregnancies. He has delivered timely and exceptional care to women and their infants during this crucial time of their lives. Because of Dr. Khoury’s devotion to his patients, many of the women and their families express their gratitude to him and the dedicated health professionals … Continued

Everett “Rett” Embrey, MD

Dr. Rett Embrey is often one of the first physicians patients meet when they arrive at the Emergency Department at Inova Mount Vernon Hospital. And patients remember his skillful and compassionate care long after they return home. Dr. Embrey is one reason several members of the Mount Vernon community have stepped forward to contribute gifts … Continued