2022 Sponsorship, Individual, Underwriting and Inova Team Member Opportunities

All sponsorship and underwriting sponsorships include recognition in the 2022 Inova Honors invitation, website and digital event program (does not include individual opportunities). Inova team members can purchase their Inova Honors tickets on the team member ticketing page.



Select a ticket level to read more about sponsorship opportunities and benefits. If you can't attend the event, support Inova Honors with a gift today!

For 2022 Inova Honors we welcome a gift via your donor-advised fund (DAF) and will include your name in our sponsor listing.  However the IRS is increasingly inflexible regarding how DAFs are used related to event ticket/sponsorships. They have specifically disallowed “split gifts” for charitable events (i.e., making a separate payment for meals or other benefits) and may levy fees/fines for this practice. So we’d like to encourage you to speak with your DAF administrator to learn more and use a DAF only if you do not plan to attend the event in-person or receive other tangible benefits, such meal deliveries. While Inova cannot provide tax advice to our donors, we can point out a few resources that speak to this issue here, here, and here (page 12).